You as Tornadogenesis

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Issue Fifteen, Poetry

Have the birds outside been talking to you too. Does each beak parting in the thaw make you think of fifth grade choir practice, all whistles & tiny songs with plastic-flamed candles, sun enveloping you & the crows & twilight calling you by last name, then first. Do you see creatures in flight. Are they waving as they land atop a swing set. This place lacks teeter totters & you no longer take college boyfriends & drunk friends to your childhood playground. It’s 8:20 PM. You live where the sky is grey & frozen. States away, a funnel cloud considers forming. You aren’t there to see it coming. An EF-5 strikes a farming town in Missouri. You could have been happy, if only you had opened the window, but here you are, going backwards, always falling but never the rain.

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