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K. B. Carle

But Snuffleupagus was Real: Writing Our Imaginary Friends into Flash

June 18 – 20  $111

Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy? That a frog will transform into a prince if you kiss him? What about your imaginary friend? Your answer today might be no but, when you were a child, maybe you believed. What if, for just a weekend, you believed again? In this generative workshop, I’m inviting participants to write letters to Santa Claus complaining that this whole Naughty or Nice system is rigged. To reimagine Fairy Tales or start a rumor about their imaginary friend, detailing the reasonings behind their disappearance.


Online Roundtable

This four month program brings the experience of our instructors (like our very own editor-in-chief and award-winning writer Robert Vaughan and our fiction editor Meg Tuite) in an informal online setting. Participants receive a monthly “lesson” and writing prompts, mid-month meetings with your cohort in an optional full group Zoom Meeting, and monthly one-on-one sessions with the instructor via Zoom.

Writing Retreats

Each year we offer a couple week-long, in person writing retreats. You will have the opportunity and inspiration to explore the unique challenges that writers face in writing a new piece each day. The workshop is ideal for writers of all levels of experience, from previously published writers to novice writers who are ready to launch into new terrain.

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