Word Problems

by | Mar 19, 2021 | March 2021 A (Day 1)

A poetry organization wants to acquire new memberships especially from unrepresented minorities. They put out ads and ask members to invite anyone they know who is younger or part of unrepresented groups to attend the next meeting. The meeting is in the middle of the state, a region with few minorities and even fewer that belong to this group. It is a two-hour ride by car from the urban areas of the state to the site of this meeting. What is the poetry organization failing to understand? Discuss.

The owner of a lodge on a lake up north in Wisconsin has a family interested in buying a cabin that is for sale on the same lake. The owner is a former bank executive from Chicago. He knows the former town sheriff lives next door to the cabin for sale. The sheriff is a close friend of the man selling the cabin. The family wanting to buy is Jewish. The lodge owner calls the former sheriff to warn him that the couple that is putting in an offer on the cabin is Jewish. What happens next? Discuss.

A woman from Milwaukee has a friend who lives up north near Lake Superior. They meet at poetry conventions every year. The Milwaukee woman keeps urging the friend from up north to come visit. The friend says she is afraid. One year the conventions will be in Milwaukee. The friend finally says she will come, but only if the friend from Milwaukee will meet her at the edge of town and drive in with her. Discuss.

A county sheriff warns friends away from a particular restaurant in a small town. Many people with cabins have signs shaped like arrows with their names on them that point toward where they live. These friends do not. The friends are University professors who have a law professor visiting with them at their vacation cabin. The visiting law professor is African American. The hosts are Jewish. Discuss.


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