Disillusion (v.)
“to free or be freed from illusion,” 1855, from a noun disillusion meaning “act of freeing from illusion” (Per the website https://www.etymonline.com/ )



After I got the obscure audio editing plug-in Torrential, I’ve found several words
in the video prologue.  Audible.  I’ve used every equalizer and compressor and volume.

They are not conditional words.
I don’t think there is any “if” or “whether” or “contingent” to them.

Long before the land was inhabitable, there was a census.
I’m staging a documentary on lost nostalgia, and the Blue Ravine Drive-In.


Only now, I’m not going to include this development in a grant application.
There is a prophecy that is free from illusion
And it has aspirations. To be undisputed.



In this passage stands unsheathed according corners
Forsaken vessels



Did you know that the word emendation has a remarkable etymology?

emendation (n.) “removal of errors; the correction of that which is erroneous or faulty“

I don’t hear that word. I read it instead


on the insignia over a keyhole.

Static register means in modern terms the sequence of words never changes.


  1. sara lippmann

    Hi again, Trent. Is this an earlier draft or a later draft? I’m super invested in what you’re doing with language here (perhaps paleography sticks with me even more, maybe because I read it first) and I’d love to see you stay with it, as I’d love to read more. (A Plug-in called Torrential?! YES. Please.) You’ve got something.

  2. Jenn Rossmann

    Another vote for continuing to explore this! My favorite line, for reasons I cannot explain is, “They are not conditional words.”
    I would love to hear you read this aloud.

  3. David O'Connor

    Trent, something really cool going on here, there’s a through-line just out of reach and I like the mystery. Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, I think you’re excavating something valuable.

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