No one suspects the tree
Silent, stationary,a bit of a sway
Defines the universe
Form encased within fabrics of root hairs
Facile, ribboned, tight, invisible
Strung up as a form suspended
No animation

Where the body vegetates, spirit
Free to wander, no, tethered
Xylem and phloem conjoined with intellect
Witness swarm
Whiplash knobs body from you
Damp, cool, airy casing
Neck stretched tight

Tonally dragged from torrent to tune
Scrawled out, vocalcified
Torture in submissive ecstasy
Feed matter into waveform
Tendons tear within ligature
Pain into surreal

(Ive been following, unable to sit, participate. This came to me just now, upon waking from a dream. Cheers.)


  1. Trent

    Hi John,

    glad you were able to still drop an item off for
    the workshop, so I’ll offer a word or two!

    I’ve written a couple of things before with a tree
    as a reference point – they’re fitting for horror,
    since they outlive everything else.

    One thing as a “consider this” point – where is this
    tree in relation to other things? Is it isolated, in plain sight, etc. Could make it even more
    treacherous as a hide in plain sight kind of notion, but that’s just an idea.

    The “Feed matter into waveform” is pretty intriguing as a line.

    Hope this piece will be an avenue for you, whether it’s stand alone or part of some serial work!

    • John Steines

      Thank you Trent. I appreciate your read and like you point. It was a quick write and submission and worthy of more work, for sure. Cheers. j

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