We Were Sort of Funny

by | May 13, 2023 | Picking up the Pieces

I’ll meet you in a deciduous forest on the outskirts of Estonia. I want to know your sisters, brothers, half-sisters, perverted Uncle. Show me your dirt.

Am I tightening my upper laterals through eight-hour headstands, feeding from coconut chicken, sexing the UPS driver. I’m dander in a corner, the buzz in someone’s desktop.

Is this a new kind of depression, or a spiritual thrill?

Later you make the mistake of searching for the reasons why you shouldn’t be here:

1) Facebook traps people in a cycle of failure that makes them keep using it, research suggests

2) Psychology of Internet Trolls romantically looking up underaged privileged former Musketeers

3) Mobile phone use after 10 pm more likely to lead to depression, and loneliness, study suggests

Seating Area Closed. Thank You.

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