We still kiss to Anita Baker in every timeline.

by | Feb 5, 2023 | DominiQue Christina Day Two

When I am nostalgic for my life, I put on Giving You the Best That I Got. I am floating just above the time-space continuum. I am witnessing the bouquet of possibility. I am glancing at each version of me and you.

In one life, I am not a texter. Nearly all of our communication passes through our lips. You live without the pressure to respond to triple texts and that gives you, a recovering people-pleaser, boundless time to reclaim. You fill your moments with jasmine tea, elaborate art project, and curated days. You breathe full and panic-free breaths. Our togetherness lasts years. It is honeysuckle sweet.

“Everybody’s got opinions about the way they think our story’s gonna end.”

In one timeline, we take it molasses slow. We are moving in ways almost imperceivable, though graceful. We let things unfurl at the pace of compassion. It is not as if there is never a freeze. We are blossoms after a frost. The root still gorgeous even if the plant looks tired. I am tired in this world too, but less. This universe does not swallow your best friend. That is my favorite part.

“We love so strong and so unselfishly…”

In at least six iterations of our story, the hands of time haven’t shaped us fearful. We set boundaries and respect one another’s. We communicate directly. We do not hide behind pleasantries. The lines we refuse to read between never become fault lines. We stay intact.

“I like the sound of your song
and I think I want to sing it forever.”

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