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by | Feb 19, 2022 | Bending Genres

Hello Day Two-ers!

Wow, I’m still reeling from the magic of your words. I feel like I’ve just read A VERY GOOD journal and I’ve been able to communicate with the authors immediately. What a gift! What a learning process!

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been nudging a few publication suggestions your way. You’re in early stages, of course, but you’re also publishing left and right (most of you, I think), so I thought I’d share some journal ideas.

I put this together a while back and updated it recently. These publications pay and are flash/micro/hybrid friendly. Feel free to post any journal ideas, competitions, opportunities in this thread.

**Paying Flash Markets**

Baltimore Review | Bear Creek Gazette | Brevity | Chestnut Review | Claw and Blossom | Copper Nickel | CRAFT | Daily Science Fiction | El Chapo Review | Electric Literature | Flash Fiction Online | Flash Frog | Five Points | Forge Literary Magazine | Fractured Lit | F(r)iction | Gulf Coast | Indiana Review | Jellyfish Review | Kenyon Review | Lascaux Review | Longleaf Review | Lunate Fiction | Master’s Review | Matchbook | Matter Press | Mudroom | Mythic Picnic | Nashville Review | Nature Futures | New England Review | Newfound | New Orleans Review | Ninth Letter | Pigeon Pages | SmokeLong Quarterly | Spartan Lit | Splitlip Magazine | Stanchion Lit | Subtropics | Tahoma Literary Review | takahe | The Bureau Dispatch | The Sunlight Press | Third Point Press | trampset | Vestal Review | Willow Springs | Word West | 101 Words

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