Untitled, Because It Needs to Be Kept Secret

by | Aug 9, 2022 | Issue Twenty-Eight, Poetry

a night drive / in the Alfa Romeo / the top is up / rain is dying / we are returning from a steak dinner for two / a tomahawk chop on guitar / with roasted, creamed corn and asparagus playing backup / I’m driving / you’re riding shotgun / light from the bridge slices into the car in hard, steady flashes / you ask what I’m thinking about / I tell you nothing / and you say yeah me too / but really I think I’m thinking about you / and maybe love / though it’s all been said / my thoughts nothing more than another grain of sand on Waikiki / another flake in a New Hampshire Nor’easter / but the way I feel at this moment has not been said / it’s a nine-leafed clover / a polka-dotted rainbow / a heaven without death / and I think about speaking / but then you place your hand atop mine on the shifter / and I press the gas pedal down harder / and the engine roars through our touching skin / and the needle on the speedometer sprints forward / and together we slide into fifth gear / and let the car exhale

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