by | Dec 13, 2022 | Issue Thirty, Poetry

Thrown for a loop
(another failed romance)
left uneasy

I’d planned to retire early anyway
(I hadn’t planned to move)
but 30 years in California I thought, just go

That I went in the direction of the failure was coincidence
few dared ask if I moved to Austin because of him
(he lives in Houston)

I bought a place
(first time homeowner at 62!)
I didn’t intend to stay

so long
in Texas
(why buy?)
then COVID made selling moving finding a place to live

then vaccines
Austin prices balloon

I land in New Mexico
(grew up here; home? don’t know)
13 days until the lease on my sublet ends

I have no plan
(I’m 68; I do have a will)
I have been a lot of ages

but have not
found the number that

settles things

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