A Taxonomy of Artifact Lit

Hard Artifact: the work appears (in every aspect of layout and presentation) like the chosen form. It may also appear in the place where the form appears. The hard artifact borders on conceptual art. No holding of the reader’s hand.

Standard Artifact: the work is (by nature of its appearing in a book or magazine) upfront about being a piece of literary art, even though it may not read or look like a standard piece of literary art. The “standard” category fits most of the work we’re doing and reading.

Light Artifact: the work is clearly a piece of literature that does not utilize any formatting or publishing conceits to identify it as an “artifact”, but its title sets it up to be read as an artifact. This category could also include a work that includes an artifact in it (pastiche) or a story that is in an artifact but “set-up” or introduced by a narrator.

Alright, now it’s time to write. Feel free to choose from the following: Exercise 2 and Exercise 3. If you really feel like writing today, you can absolutely do both.

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