to smithereens: sand magic

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Issue Thirty-Nine, Poetry

on the cusp of adulthood, i sold homicide at a lemonade stand.
slaughtered mister sandman with a Desert Eagle to the head,

blowing his brains out like dust-spray chasing tumbleweed.
ground him up to shrapnel—enslaved him

to the average wanderer for the price of a lonely night per cup.
i snuck a sip myself; he didn’t taste too great. mostly piss-poor & fuckall,

i.e., addiction to hourglass-wading, minute-hand sauntering, promising
i’d meet the nadir halfway to play ring around the rosie alongside phantoms.

my gurgling stomach must’ve been mister sandman
asking for a dream.

i squeezed one of its pulp to harness nightmare:
swallowing an eagle whole, becoming


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