Three Micros

by | Jul 29, 2023 | And Now

[Wrote a much longer piece using the deadpan prompt, but will need to edit significantly. Here are some tinier ones made using the noun generator prompt. So fun!]

| Pen Pals |

I mail you a homemade arrangement of successes.

You mail me back a wrapped box of truths.

I send you back a gathered package of weaknesses.

Our wives ask why we’re like this.


| Bacon Cheddar Combo |

On Mondays, Garbage is in charge of gardening.

Significance does the dishes.

I rinse the onions.

Data digs a hole.


| Hank |

Hank wakes and is made
of stained glass. He gasps.
His wife laughs
her high-pitched laugh
and accidentally cracks
Hank’s ankle. He’ll never
forgive her. He’ll never
eat again.


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