The Musician’s Passion

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Fiction, Issue Thirty-Eight

The moonlight reflected off the fresh puddles of rain, and a sense of dread washed over me as chills ran down my spine. As I followed the euphoric sounding melody that echoed throughout the night, my mind went blank, my soul was being pulled in.

Everything around me went black and in the center sky there he was, the musician who had played the divinely demonic melody. His presence lit up the sky, beautiful white wings that kept him upward and a violin that was not of this world. As I watched from below, he played even faster, with more precision, as if the violin were a part of his very being. The moonlight shone down onto him so to seem like he was on the center stage, with a theatrical light illuminating his performance in a manner that made it seem as if he was the only being in all existence for a moment.His intent? well it was clear, he was to be playing his last show as he made his departure and the world itself was his audience.

His melody fought such a fierce battle to be heard, one that would announce its composer’s soul intent. For him it was to be a loss but from humanities perspective it was the beginning to an end that never came. As he began to slow down, nearing the end of this gorgeous piece, For a brief moment, he spoke, without breaking his excellent form, expressing his excitement for the instrument that had been bestowed upon him. And in that very moment time had paused, left frozen. I could only watch as his wings shedded its former white glory to a dark coal black, he had begun his descent. Falling with elegance, is all one could describe it, he made his last appearance on this world an act of defiance. For he was the composer and the world, merely a stage.

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