The Last Time

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Issue Nine, Poetry

Inside a nightmare of cold sweats and invisible centipedes just like the first time we kicked together, watched Pat Buchanan on TV, mumbled about how we were going to change the world as soon as we could get up.

On another channel, we watched her body bent over, cruciform I thought I remembered the girl from high school, I think I sat behind her in some class or another. I think she was the one who first introduced me to heroin, I say, wanting to impress you with my elbow-rubbing, my important connections. She took the cock in her mouth through the fuzzy waves of cable TV interference and I could swear it was Pat Buchanan on the receiving end of that blowjob.

Heroin me, protection against the onslaught of millipedes, the sound bites blasting eternal, shopping carts of ant and roach killer I opened my heart to you. Woke to find this place empty of everything and nothing, the words “junkie” and “nigger” scrawled across one wall. Small wounds already closed cruciform on my arm, I thought I told you I didn’t like to watch the news when I was high but you never listen to me.

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