The “I” Poem

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Issue Thirteen, Poetry

The I is the one who drives down a two way highway in autumn. This is the future.

The I is a member of the LGBTQALMNOP+ consortium. Guess which one.

The I is the one I never see but other people do. Because he is different.

The I must write he is disabled. Sees mirrors wherever he goes.

People cannot stop watching the I. A jackknifed rig on the side of the road with bodies.

The I wants people to stop watching him. The “I” stands for Incognito.

People talk to the I. The I pretends to listen. Never remembers names.

People respond to the I. However, never in the fashion he expects nor desires.

You try to treat the I the same as you. But you are different. Just like the I.

The I notices all your differences too.

The I lies. Makes pies, hates to vacuum, fold clothes or floss.

The I, like you, encpsulates things on social media platforms. Read:

Consistently looking for crisis situations. Good natured guy looking for same. I abhor khaki pants, Southerners and endless circles of conversation on who you wish to be and why you’re not that way right now.

The I has trouble with the “Interests” category. He makes up interesting Interests.

The past is just far enough away. Simply an intersection.

In person, the I is not who you expect. The I expects this.

The I doesn’t want commitments either.

The I waits for you to leave so he can walk away in peace.

The I showed you a mirror. You did not like the accuracy.

The I prefers the hope of the highway. A future neither welcome nor ignored.

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