The Bittersweet

by | Jan 16, 2022 | Robert Vaughan - January Day 2

The School pay to make dreams sort of happen. They don’t promise this will happen, but you can tell a sort of artist resume
—weight, height, eye and hair color black and white
too curvy too short
no loyalty next money makers.
IT. You are not it. But you
hope the way only the young can.
Inside School not the franchise
THE girls walk a runway,
the proper way
Vaseline on the hands overnight
restaurant to learn how to not eat
off the clock.
Reversed give up. never join this club. money catwalk pose
chemistry with makeup guy who seems gay but
will make out with you on the dance floor.
—in those days
sex was currency
23 minutes worshiping at the altar of you.
look closely in the alley behind the building
where girls congregate smoke to stave off hunger. billboard Bittersweet—beautiful girls 7 days a week.
We all see this billboard. We all see it, but we all look away.

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