…or is it a rap?

That was, hands down, the best writing I have seen in one of these workshops. Inspirational. I had to hold. myself. back. from. writing. gah.

I’m finishing up a few comments and then I’ll be hopping back into each story later today to see if there are any replies or questions. I suggest you revisit later today or tomorrow to see if any further comments appear.

If you have a piece you want to slip in before you leave, do so this afternoon and I’ll check it out later!

On an end note, I would like to thank everyone for their participation and commentary. Made the whole ride. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions or if any of these pieces land: joncardew@hotmail.com.



  1. Robert Vaughan

    Hi JC, eternally grateful (FULL) for this saturated, exotic party extravaganza. Thanks for your exquisite course, and so many terrific comments. Great job, Commander!!!

    • Jonathan Cardew


      Thank YOU for the opportunity to let me run one of these weekend do’s; you know how much I love taking them!

      Cheers mate,


  2. Todd Clay Stuart

    Thank you, Jonathan and Robert and the BG team for presenting this workshop! I found it very motivational! My only complaint is it went by waaaayyyy too fast. I really appreciated Jonathan’s insights, good humor, and generosity. Suggesting markets to send work to was a really nice added bonus. Thanks, Jonathan and co. You rock! ~Todd

    • Jonathan Cardew

      Glad you enjoyed the places to submit part–first time I’ve done it, but it was a good process for me as a writer to remember the places and what they like.

      My favorite of yours this weekend was the flamingos story! I hope you run with this while it’s hot and send it out!



  3. Rogan

    Jonathan, this was brilliant. I echo Robert’s sentiment and yours about the writing. Thank you!

    • Jonathan Cardew

      Much appreciated, Rogan! Loved that kiss story–I hope to see this soon somewhere!


  4. Len Kuntz

    Jonathan, I told Robert, and also everyone else I’ve spoken with these last few days, that this was the best writing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been doing these workshops for quite a long time. Your course was intricate, broad-based and clearly inspiring. Not only that, but you were extremely detailed and generous with your feedback to all of us, which is again, more than I’ve ever seen in a BG workshop. So thank you. Also, thank you Robert and Meg for all of your work in helping deliver an extraordinary experience.

    • Jonathan Cardew

      This means so much, Len. I really appreciate you saying so. I wanted to put the extra effort in this time!

      Cheers, and goodness your twin piece needs to go to high places!


  5. Georgiana Nelsen

    As a workshop Junkie, I feel qualified to say that this was one of the best ever! Inspiring and the comments, from both you and the workshop attendees were so helpful! (Especially when they affirmed what I always knew were problems and gave me ways OUT!) Thank you for your kindness and generosity …and for inspiring so many wonderful writers. Feels like a Hall of Fame group! I’m going to try to get back through and read/comment more this evening.

    And it would be wrong not to tell you how much I loved Rockpools! Such a treat to hear it read.

    Robert and Meg and BG crew, keep up the amazing work!
    Thank you all!

    • Jonathan Cardew


      Thanks so much for saying you liked Rock Pools. I think that’s my favorite (and favorite reading of a) story. Might see if I can get it republished for the web (only in print). Cheers for saying that.

      Loved your work this weekend. Thanks for taking me back to Cornwall (where there are lots of rock pools).


  6. Martha Jackson Kaplan

    Not quite a wrap, Jonathan. I’ve got another post and many comments to go. Hope to finish tonight. Thank you for a wonderful weekend workshop. One of the best, and one I wasn’t at all sure that I’d be able to participate as fully as I have. Your work and these writers made it impossible to not finish! Thanks. Hope to see you before forever.

    • Jonathan Cardew

      Same here, Martha! Just commented on your leopard poem–gosh, what a piece!

      Thanks for joining in, and I’m so happy you enjoyed the course!


  7. Jennifer Todhunter

    Thanks so much, Jonathan (and everyone who commented on my work) – this is the first time I’ve managed to eke out some words this year and for that I’m grateful! Very inspiring stuff. x

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