Thank You All!

by | Jan 14, 2023

Thanks for being weird with me this weekend. Feel free to pick one of the prompts, or more than one, and share whatever you like. More than happy to read two more pieces from everyone, since so many prompts are provided. I hope these kickstart something within you this weekend and I can’t wait to see a follow up to day one’s wonders.


  1. Meg Tuite

    Thank you so so much, Benjamin, for lighting up the weekend! What a blast! LOVE YOUR CLASS and YOUR COMMENTS ARE ASTUTE, INSIGHTFUL, KICKASS! BIG HUGS!!!!

  2. Robyn Schelenz

    I’m still digesting the course, but I wanted to drop a few of my surrealist favorites here, too:

    music video: Cornelius / Like a Rolling Stone

    movie: Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari (2012; can watch on Sovietmoviesonline which sounds fake but is a real site)

    i hope you all might do the same!

    thank you to Benjamin and everyone who is taking part in this course, there’s so much to marvel at here.

    [now back to writing!]

    • Benjamin Niespodziany

      Thanks, Robyn! Just watched “Like a Rolling Stone” and what a wild video. Wow. Thanks for sharing. Making a note to check out Celestial Wives when I have some time. Always down for more surrealist movies and music videos. Glad you’re enjoying these prompts!

  3. Jonathan Cardew


    Obrigado! I’m suddenly fluent in Portuguese. I enjoyed this course very much. Don’t forget about the frill-necked lizard!


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