“Strunk & White Lost & Found Claims Inspector: The Storage Unit Case”

by | Oct 18, 2020 | Dean Cleaning Two

** Based on Day Two Bonus – “History of Arson” style **

Wreckage of an omelette.
A shaded booth.

Dedication made to an AM radio program.

The DJ hopes it will stir something but the call is actually an exercise
in exalted futility so think instead about that radio ad contest you never


A knowing glance in the direction of eyes that are an untamed bayou.

Ketchup bottle that is a tombstone but not for food but for a brochure from
one of those hotel travel racks.


Said brochure is for an amusement park
that closed for unspecified reason.


Not unspecified for being unknown, but
for being something that can’t be revealed until the re-enactment cast & crew sign a waiver.


The order wheel.   Stainless steel.  Spins like an incognito carousel.

The diner doesn’t know I’m heading toward the next assignment.

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