To discover how to be human now. Is the reason we follow this star
The flare wasn’t aimed directly towards Earth,
NASA just released.

The largest solar flare in recorded history. 
There’s a magnetic swirl

of iron and molten,
larger than the world’s oceans

protecting us from radioactive particles
entering Earth. 

We all have fields.
It’s vulnerable

to stand on two feet, brains
facing the sky, mutants

in this atmosphere, afraid
to be the first to die.

Seneca said luck is when 
preparation and opportunity meet.

Just last week I packed
emergency supplies:

a solar radio, batteries, 
flashlights, lentils, rice, canned

peaches, his hands. How
my lover cups my breast, 

carries our daughter, holds
my son when he cries. 

As far as NASA knows
the field’s been thinning, rapid changes.

The Aurora Borealis are born
charged particles, radioactive material

colliding with oxygen–
toxic silk lapping the poles.

If it’s up to luck
the sun will belch just enough

for us to stay the night,
to dream

under green sky, while our cores thump
and burn away.

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