Shame by Iris N. Schwartz (reviewed by Paul Beckman)

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  • Shame on Iris Schwartz.
  • She’s at it again.
  • She has no shame.
  • It’s all in this book.
  • Coming on the heels of her critically acclaimed collection, “My Secret Life With Chris Noth” is her new short story, flash fiction, & micro-fiction collection, “Shame”.
  • I love Iris’ writing because:
  • She’s earthy
  • She pulls no punches.
  • Take the first sentence of the first story, “At Liberty”:
  • “Belle never should have married a man who didn’t know how to kiss.”

The woman superior roll is rampant through her stories and told matter-of-factly which makes them all the more believable—even this story which leads to an unbelievably believable ending.

  • Have a snack ready when you read “Ever After”. You’ll need it.
  • Also, Iris’s stories are humorous.
  • I’m a sucker for smart and funny and Iris has them both covered.
  • She’s a New Yorker with a New Yorker’s sense of humor and imagination
  • And, she can give better than she takes.
  • Her story, “Excuses” comes with a prologue lest family read it unbeknownst to her.
  • And like most New Yawkers, she has nicknames for so many of her characters and many have to do with their hair color and private parts:
  • Officer Blond. .Officer Brunet. . . Niblette.
  • As she slides seamlessly into these. Iris’ stories
  • she makes me smile
  • sometimes laugh aloud
  • and always makes me think.
  • This is a wonderful read and a great gift for the Holidays–any holidays.


Order SHAME (Poets Wear Prada) here:

Review by Paul Beckman, author of Kiss Kiss (Truth Serum Press)



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