SECOND TRY – A Randomly Selected Email From My Famous Ex-Husband (Redacted Version)

by | Stop Making Sense 2 - Day 2

All xxxxxxxxxxxxxx recollections xxxxxxxxxxxxxx are character xxxxxxxxxx distorted xxxxxxxx versions xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx that actually happened. Tempting xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to correct the record xxxxxxxx myself, I’m not going to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

The point here is xxxxxxxxxxxx you deliberately framing xxxxxxxxxxx the narrative in a way that is xxxxxxxxxx obviously xxxxxxxxxxxxxx a caricature of poison xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the guise of fiction.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYour work is aimed at xxxxxxxxxxxxx abused women and children.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I have no objection whatsoever. You do so xxxxxxxxxxxx eloquently but xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx your objective is fulfilled by writing stuff that xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx happens to be false xxxxxx to boot.


  1. Roberta Beary

    I couldn’t make the redacted part work the first time so this is my second attempt using old-school methods.

  2. Robert Vaughan

    Hi Roberta, yes, this makes “more sense” to have the template. But again, the course is called Stop xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sense!!! LOL

  3. David O'Connor

    Roberta, as stand-alones, I really like the earlier one, but side by side, maybe even add another version, make a triptych with more redaction, and you might/can/will show the process or redaction… which would work so well with the ex-husband part… my 2 cents…

    • Roberta Beary

      Amazing that you mentioned that, David, as that is what I am doing right now. Thanks!!

  4. Benjamin Niespodziany

    Great redacted piece! It has raw energy and endless possibilities. I could see this being double the length, or a sequence of letters. Really nicely done

  5. Koss Just Koss

    Love more than the first, although, like David said, they could live together in a multi-panel work, and the x repetition is fab!

  6. Meg Tuite

    a caricature of poison in the guise of fiction

  7. Lisa Alletson

    Roberta – great use of this prompt. I love “All recollections are character distorted versions that actually happened.” The way you’ve experimented with this is inspiring – I’m going to try one of these after the workshop.

  8. Len Kuntz

    Hi Roberta.

    Yes, this version really pops. It’s so fresh and intriguing. It felt like a billboard of evidence all taped up at a police station with detectives staring at it and trying to find a formula. Really inventive stuff.
    Way to go.

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