Rolling Rs

by | Oct 15, 2022 | Kuntz Day 2

The difference between perro and pero may not be life-threatening but dog and but are not the same. I’ve read Konstantin Stanislav Stanislavsky awoke every day and went straight to the mirror to fight his lisp. Late into his final year, almost 75, he rose and looked at his tongue and teeth and tried to right his wrong S, Th, F.V, and all the consonants that make the difference between great acting and good direction. He never righted his tongue nor got the good S but trying beats a dog’s life any day.

Lola died today. Ferg eight days ago. My brother five years and five days ago. Daniela three months short of five years next week. We could go on, enter an intersection, lift a 50-kilogram wheel of Parmesan cheese, place a boot from canoe rail onto thin ice. Each thin fish bone yearns to lodge in a thorax. Darwin. Teach it, please.

Slow, quick, long, painless, surprise, the end—-I wish we could choose. His last word were, I am fine. When Timmy stood at the pulpit and declared, he went out on his own terms. I wanted to slip a fart cushion under the casket, to splice a hole in the closest cloud, holler here ye, here ye. I did none of the above. Didn’t even guess, nor spit at the score. May I have your consent to link arms and throw our heels to the sky to belt a tune while stopping traffic? I must admit I’m exhausted that my joy offends. It’s cultural, booze, a defense mechanism I’d like to defend if you don’t mind of course. Is that a snowflake falling, right here above us, like no other?

I couldn’t concentrate during the intervention because I’d just lost my house keys, wallet, and phone. Pickpockets are professional around here and they wouldn’t let me explain. Like chess grandmasters, they thought they knew what I was planning to say before I opened my mouth and volume like paint by number always wins. When we walked past all the protesters with their graphic posters and bible quotes, I wanted to head-butt logic, draw blood, sketch their misplaced anger on a mirror. I threw my jacket over your head so you wouldn’t see them and they wouldn’t see you. Put you under my arm and ran us through the gamut. We were never victims but wild and young. Ruff.

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