Retreat: Synergia Ranch

The fine line between prose, poetry, and memoir will be explored during this multi-genre workshop. How can your work sing? Do your poems lack insightful narrative that can tell the deeper message, enrich their meaning? Are your stories too structured, too flat? Like mixing paint onto a canvas, the backdrop of this Synergia Ranch workshop will heighten exploration, and enable us to seek new modes of expression.

Vaughan has authored five published collections, and in each he blends genre, plays with form, and modifies the voices so that they carry beyond the page. His work is risk-taking, inspired by nature, and infused with the surroundings of environmental writing.

Tuite has authored three published collections and four chapbooks that rock the landscape between prose and poetry. She is all about plunging in to the deep end. Joe Millar calls her ‘Bukowski on Zoloft’. She will help you uncover those aspects of your writing that are hidden behind fear. You will activate your imagination, spark your creativity, and free your spontaneity in our workshop!

Vaughan and Tuite’s workshops are simple in format, yet potentially complex in effect. The group creates a genuinely safe environment in which ideas and work can be shared, and feedback is essential. Each writing day begins with a group discussion on a certain aspect of writing. Vaughan and Tuite will read stories/poems/memoir pieces with prompts each morning to fuel you to write into the deepest recesses of your being.

Synergia Ranch is nothing but inspirational. You are surrounded by four major mountain ranges: the Ortiz, Sandia, Jemez, and Sangre de Christo mountains. This exquisite blue sky and adobe architecture are an ancient sacred space to write, reflect, and relax in.

You will have the opportunity and inspiration to explore the unique challenges that writers face in writing a new piece each day. The workshop is ideal for writers of all levels of experience, from previously published writers to novice writers who are ready to launch into new terrain.

This is also an excellent workshop for writers who long to return to a project, or are currently immersed in something. Give yourself the incredibly precious gift of a week to write and to embrace or discover your own potential in an expansive, gorgeous oasis in Santa Fe, NM.

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