April 19-21, 2024 

Hybrid style offers the writer a full palette in terms of language and narrative arc–and often grand shifts happen in a matter of moments. In this workshop, we will examine ways in which we can upend expectation and generate a sense of wonder in our reader, using such techniques as point of view switch, episodic structure, unusual language, and character/theme shifts. The hope is aardvarks will continue to generally sleep during the heat of the day and emerge during the cooler nighttime hours to eat ants and termites*

*Scientific American, Aardvarks Are Ailing Amid Heat and Drought (Aug 12, 2020

About the Instructor
Jonathan Cardew is the author of A World Beyond Cardboard (ELJ Editions, 2022). He hails from the Steel City but lives in the Cream City. He is not sure how this happened. A flash fiction fanatic, his stories can be found in numerous magazines and journals, including Cincinnati Review, No Contact Magazine, wigleaf, cream city review, Cleaver, and SmokeLong Quarterly, among others. His short-short stories have been honored in various prizes and anthologies, including the Fractured Literary Vol I Prize (winner), Best Microfiction 2021 (winner), the SmokeLong Prize for Flash Fiction (finalist), the Passages North Neutrino Prize (finalist), Bath Flash Fiction Award (shortlisted and longlisted), Best Small Fictions (finalist), Lunate Flash Fiction Award (finalist), and the Reflex Fiction Prize (longlisted). The former fiction editor for Connotation Press, he currently serves as blog editor and online workshop leader for Bending Genres.

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