Stop Making Sense Part 3: Writing the Meaningless, Whimsical, Bizarre and Absurd. *

What happens when you make a huge mistake? Stand on your head atop a rock in the Colorado River? Marry a flotsam? When your best friend Katrina only tells you lies? Did I see you make out with a rubber tree? Is it raining men? Halleluia! In this rollicking weekend workshop we will look at nutty, fruity examples of writers, past and present, taking on unique prose, hallucinatory poems, fleet of feet phrases, musical outlanders, and whatnot. A space for freedom of play, whimsy, irrational, beatific, ridiculous innovations! Come ye, outsiders and reformers alike! Let the gibberish begin.

*Robert taught two similar but different courses: Part 1, in June, 2020, and Part 2 in November, 2022. You do NOT have to have taken the original courses to enroll in this Part 3.

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