The haibun is the hybrid combination of two poems: a prose poem and haiku. The form was popularized by the 17th century Japanese poet Matsuo Basho.  Both the prose poem and haiku typically communicate with each other, though poets/prose writers employ different strategies for this communication—some doing so subtly, while others are more direct. Called one of the most challenging and evocative poetic/prose forms, this hybrid haibun combines elements of travel writing, haiku, and poetic prose into a wholly unique artform.

Bio: Anne Elezabeth Pluto grew up in Brooklyn, NY before it was cool. She is Professor of Literature and Theatre at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA where she is the artistic director of the Oxford Street Players.  She is an alumna of Shakespeare & Company and was a member of the Worcester Shakespeare Company 2011 – 2016. She was a member of the Boston small press scene in the late 1980s and is one of the founders and editors at Nixes Mate Review and Nixes Mate Books.  Her publications include chapbooks: The Frog Princess, White Pine Press (1985), eBook Lubbock Electric, Argotist ebooks (2012), Benign Protection Cervena Barva Press (2016), the edited print edition of Lubbock Electric Nixes Mate Books (2018), and full length collection The Deepest Part of Dark, Unlikely Stories Press, NOLA (2020).

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