[Note: I had to do my writing early this morning before the Day 2 prompts were up, so I worked with one of the prompts from Day 1…I was intrigued by the idea of verbs being nouns, but I reversed it with nouns being verbs and, being me, after working on it a bit more this afternoon, I ended up with…well, the piece is below. This was play – Faye]


A burnt orange drier hares me straight. Symbolic, it cats.

Yakking for years on baked black sand, the lazy sun lemurs with orange eyes.

Me? I elephant – an execration. I horse to strip the layers off, goat to get gone. Anger is an anchor stuck in shifting sand. No choice but to lion through it. If I could, I’d Cuban greater funnel-eared bat, but where would that get me?

Curious, I giraffe. All I owl is people anting; I can’t tell what they’ve ratted. They’ll mantis shrimp if I get too close.

Hey, you.

Baiji like a breeze with wings. Blue jay higher if the glockenspiel sings.

Cow if you can. When wildfire wasps (and it will), phoenix. Finnish spitz. End with inauguration.

Then, wolf forever.

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