[Note: I had to do my writing early this morning before the Day 2 prompts were up, so I worked with one of the prompts from Day 1…I was intrigued by the idea of verbs being nouns, but I reversed it with nouns being verbs and, being me, after working on it a bit more this afternoon, I ended up with…well, the piece is below. This was play – Faye]


A burnt orange drier hares me straight. Symbolic, it cats.

Yakking for years on baked black sand, the lazy sun lemurs with orange eyes.

Me? I elephant – an execration. I horse to strip the layers off, goat to get gone. Anger is an anchor stuck in shifting sand. No choice but to lion through it. If I could, I’d Cuban greater funnel-eared bat, but where would that get me?

Curious, I giraffe. All I owl is people anting; I can’t tell what they’ve ratted. They’ll mantis shrimp if I get too close.

Hey, you.

Baiji like a breeze with wings. Blue jay higher if the glockenspiel sings.

Cow if you can. When wildfire wasps (and it will), phoenix. Finnish spitz. End with inauguration.

Then, wolf forever.


  1. Meg Tuite

    Hi Faye!! I love how you all are mixing it up! Nouns to verbs! Kickass happy over here! MWAH! And now to your amazing piece!
    WOW! LOVE how you used animals as the verbs! Brilliance through and through! “Bluejay higher if the glockenspiel sings.” Well, she did! This is perfection! Inimitable! A true Faye sparkler! Where is the best lit mag to send this to? Wherever it is, send it! If you need help finding a place, let me know! You really rocked this weekend! Truly inspiring! LOVE!

  2. Koss Just Koss

    so much great animal in here . . . i find myself believing meaning even if I can’t nail it down. Fave: A burnt orange drier hares me straight. And: all I owl is people anting.

  3. Georgiana Nelsen

    Wolf forever is my new battle cry! Love this play on verbs…amazing how much meaning comes across! Most importantly, you seem to have had fun!

  4. Robert Vaughan

    Another beauty, Faye. So innovative, and I admire, and love the word play (nouns as verbs, and not just ‘any nouns’ but a specific set of them, which is even more brilliant!). Keep going with Meg’s prompts- they really seem to bring out your magic.

  5. Sara Comito

    This is so much fun, Faye! For some reason, the “Hey, you.” in the middle really got me. Aside from the inventive language, the rhythm is perfect.

  6. Aimee Parkison

    Amazing use of language. My favorite lines: “Cow if you can. When wildfire wasps (and it will), phoenix.” I love the playfulness of the parts of speech transforming into other parts of speech, nouns becoming verbs, a sort of personification of action. Brilliant!

  7. Jacqueline Doyle

    Love these animal-nouns become verbs. My favorite, I think: “Curious, I giraffe.” This is such fun!

  8. Todd Clay Stuart

    Faye, such inventive denominalization throughout this piece! I can tell you had a blast writing this because I had a blast reading it!

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