Rabbit Hole

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Issue Thirty-One, Poetry

Mom hires a magician for my eighth birthday party/ We have it at the Red Room at the Officers Club in Mcguire Air Force Base/Somehow a lot of friends appear/There is a rabbit[There is always a rabbit] & a man in a white suit rolls out an extra-large sheet cake that dyes everyone’s teeth black/  

I don’t remember any of the guests (names or faces) but I swear they were there/Mom and Dad have vanished/One of our rabbits (Holden) decided to castrate its hutchmate (Can’t remember his name.)There was so much blood/They are dead now/The magician signed my green autograph book/

I used to love 
illusions/I got to hold 
the rabbit/I’ve grown to hate 

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