Pulled my back out saving the dog

by | Feb 13, 2024 | CNF, Issue Thirty-Seven

Pulled my back out saving the dog and when I told a friend
he’d said you gotta save the dog and he’s right, because back
when our first dog-child whined as we fought our volumes
pierced his ears too hard nowhere for him to escape our little
apartment until we’d left the city. Out here he’d walk right out
on us when we fought cross the back porch to find the sunny
spot he loved when grass could stay green then his own real
patch and we’d go on without him. We fought so hard
once in the city a door opened one of us storming out the other
following into the street and he ran right after us but another
way and then we chased him together, and the driver couldn’t
have seen him and I scooped him up and she looked at me said
if he…I will never forgive syllables you never forget even if he’d
been fine even if we weren’t up until his last country days’ when
time had to come for him, letting me know with his looks on
mornings when he couldn’t eat and didn’t know why, we all
looked at one another. Now I seen all he’d done to save us.
Now I gone and pulled my back out saving our new dog from
a truck’s thundering tires and when folks at the grocery ask after
my cane I say it happened sneezing because I don’t want to see
it again over and over even when he’s fine and we’ve been
getting along better than we hoped after all but I did tell one
friend and he said you gotta save the dog.

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