Postcard Poetry Contest #2

by | Dec 1, 2018 | Blog, Contest, Poetry

Postcard Poetry Contest #2

by Dec 1, 2018Blog, Contest, Poetry

Bending Genres Postcard Poetry Contest—December 2018

Guest Judge: Sara Comito

The premise of the contest is simple: write a poem, one page or less, using the front and back of the “postcard” below as a prompt. You could be the person that sends it, the postperson who delivers it, or the one who receives it. Really, it’s up to you. Be creative and have fun!

Besides their poem being published, the winner also receives (if desired), a “box of shit” via snail mail.

About the Judge

Sara Comito’s poetry has been published in places like Thrush Poetry Journal, Hip Mama, Blue Fifth Review, and A-Minor Magazine. She has recently started writing flash fiction with the encouragement of her friends here at Bending Genres. Her first “fake nonfiction” was recently published in the long-loved Defenestration magazine. She was named 2018 Best Urban Poet by her weekly Fort Myers paper, but her favorite thing is to travel far in to the Florida swamp and gaze at the stars. Read a poem by Sara at the Mojave River Review.

And now, here’s the Prompt Postcard:

Photo by Bryan Tipton Bowie


So now the sun is coming up. If the shower’s running I’m golden. No fights. She gets out, I give her the coffee. She smiles, we’re all good. Hit the road. Sorry bout your luck, Bucky boy. Sure am awful sorry bout your luck.

Til never

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