“Passive Exploration”

by | Oct 17, 2020 | Dean Cleaning Two

Day Two:  Freedom & Fairness theme.

Here, it’s freedom to be the lone chronicler, of some place.   To make it into something

that lives on.  Or, that’s the idea.  The surroundings belong to no one – so that’s a freedom.



“Passive Exploration”

The town is an

undocumented extinction event.


A blue gel pen

conspires with a marbled composition book

to make the only record of what

inhabited this place.


A mottled billboard

A window which

has missed an appointment

or two with the rain.


The rain is a custom

cleaning service, except

it visits and lends a service

just as often as it wants to.


The billboard might be

from a thrift market back

on the edge of town.


An entry could call it a defunct

landmark, only

that word is somehow

too hopeful.


Nothing will take its place.

Nothing will will overwrite the freedom

of being a shrine that no one tends.



A field note may

term the billboard

A rent-a-temptation-



Field notes will mark

suffocated sunlight


A park that’s a former park

but still a park

Somewhere in it


A high school planted a time capsule –


Tomorrow or some other eventually


Field notes could be a marker

When a mimeograph newspaper

coughs up some fossilized gossip.


Footsteps/A simulated soundtrack

played with windblown richness.


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