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Here is what some previous Bending Genres’ online workshop writers are saying:

“The course materials and encouraging comments prompted new directions in my writing. Loved very much!”

—MaryEllen Gambutti

“The course was absolutely sensational in every way. Thanks so much for all of the thought and effort you put forth.”

Len Kuntz

“If you need a kick to get those creative juices flowing, a challenge to flex those writing chops, another set of eyes to help you figure it out or fine tune before you submit your work- this is the place for you.”

Emily Bertholf

“Had an absolute blast this weekend. Thank you for pushing me. All of the fantastic writing I got to read…oof, I’m floored.”

Robert Russell

“I feel like this should be a week-long class. So much to absorb in just two days. I’m learning so much from reading everyone’s amazing work.”

Jayne Martin

Our next BENDING GENRES online workshop will be taught by Meg Tuite on the weekend of July 13-15.

What’s it all about? Here’s the course description:

Break Out: Darkness, With Threat of Storm

The Bending Genres Workshop

led by Meg Tuite, July 13-15


In this Bending Genres workshop we will be jolting our pens awake with powerful first lines that move into pelting sentences that transform the landscape and dialogue we are writing. The focus will be on weaving the elements of a story by studying some flash masterpiece facets of beginnings, middles, and ends. But, like a storm, we can only attempt to guess where the next flash is coming from. The surprise of language and breaking away from the rules will be our compass.

“And the moon,
under its dark hood,
falls out of the sky each night,
with its hungry red mouth
to suck at my scars.”     —Anne Sexton

In this workshop, we will look at authors and works that transcend structure, tone, take risks, leap. Then we’ll do some writing exercises to release the cross-genre works lurking all around and inside us. After that, we’ll draft and revise a piece (or two?) with the support of myself and our glorious chorus of writers as we BREAK OUT into DARKNESS WITH THREAT OF A STORM workshop.


Click the button below to register and you’ll be taken to PayPal, where you can make your secure payment of $111.00. Once that’s complete, Robert Vaughan will reach out to you with the next steps! Contact Robert if you want to make other arrangements.

Meet Your Instructor

Meg Tuite’s writing has appeared in over 300 journals including Berkeley Fiction Review, Epiphany, Superstition Review, JMWW, One, the Journal, Prick of the Spindle, Monkeybicycle and Boston Literary Magazine and many anthologies. She has been nominated nine times for the Pushcart Prize and has been a finalist four times in the Glimmer Train short story writer’s contest.

She is author of Domestic Apparition (2011) San Francisco Bay Press, Disparate Pathos (2012 Monkey Puzzle Press), Reverberations (2012 Deadly Chaps Press), Bound By Blue (2013 Sententia Books), Her Skin is a Costume (2013 Red Bird Chapbooks), Grace Notes (2015 Unknown Press) and Lined Up Like Scars (2015 Flash International: The Short-Short Fiction Press, University of Chester, UK). She won the Twin Antlers Collaborative Poetry Award from Artistically Declined Press for her poetry collection, Bare Bulbs Swinging, (2014), written with Heather Fowler and Michelle Reale. She teaches at the Santa Fe Community College, and is a columnist at Connotation Press and JMWW. She lives in Santa Fe with her husband and menagerie of animals.

What Is This?

Bending Genres is a literary empire comprising a magazine, online workshop, and several annual writing retreats.

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