“Obsolete Format”

by | March 2021 A (Day 1)

A photo I took several years ago, of a defunct Blockbuster store.  Guess it’s a visual metaphor of the ongoing

dissipation of things we take for granted, in our social landscape.







  1. Martha Jackson Kaplan

    Trent, Love the brevity of this–– makes for the question about what is obsolete– the Blockbuster store or the ability now to move about so that we can take ‘still’ photos of movement. Welcome to the pandemic, folks. And – good photo!

  2. Trent

    Thanks Martha! It’s a bit treated – I’m a fan of the “bleach bypass” style, but it tends to accentuate hues.

    Just ran through my caption through a word count app – it’s 4 letters short of a pangram, or a sentence containing every letter of the alphabet.
    That aspect, or the “what’s obsolete here” might be grounds for something more found form style…

  3. Dennis Holmes

    Trent, blurry images always resonate for me. Reminds me of my tree house as a kid. Had windows and I used to spend hours watching the rain blur my views.

  4. Freesia McKee

    Hey Trent!

    I agree with Martha that this photo feels feel much in tune with this moment’s zeitgeist. I love your idea of the pangram as a potential container for the caption. I also wondered what would happen if you wrote a hermit crab to accompany this photo that was in the form of those description cards that are next to art pieces in museums and galleries, i.e. “Blockbuster” Trent True, Digital Photograph, 2011 This photo embodies…” etc etc.

    Or, what would be on the imaginary Blockbuster marquee as a kind of poem? I’m thinking of Jenny Holzer’s marquee art from the ’80s and ’90s: https://fieldtripcincinnati.com/blog/2017/5/17/jenny-holzers-marquees-chase-public-response-project


  5. Jonathan Cardew

    A very striking image, Trent. I love the miniaturized aspect to the effect, atomic. Does it pair with text, a story?


  6. Trent

    Thanks, all~
    Currently this doesn’t have any text with it, though I think that’s a “second or third drawer” type of project…

    Mostly, I was aiming to show how there can beauty, even in desolate type surroundings.

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