Not an apple

by | Jul 28, 2023 | And Now

Gluck says it’s an apple and I say no. I say no even though it’s clearly an apple. Red and round and I’m dying to take a bite.

Gluck is a fuck, I tell myself in my head. Good one, I think.

I do realize the consequence of arguing with Gluck. He’s bigger than me. More human than me. I swear I could/should make the effort to explain what I mean.

What’s not an apple about this? Gluck is blabbing on and on the way Gluck is known to do.

Okay, I mean he’s more human because he cares so damn much about things. Not like me. He really cares that this is an apple in a way that I really don’t.

Another human thing about Gluck is how easy he cries. Like when he’s losing an argument. His eyes go all squinty and red.

He’s only acting, I tell myself, and ignore how the tiniest tear is forming in his eyes.

Go on, he is shaking the apple under my nose, take a bite.

You don’t have to cry, I tell him. And then his lip starts to quiver. Yeah, Gluck, I think, that’s a fuck move.

I take a bite out of the apple out of spite. A spite bite. Another good one, I tell myself. I chew and chew and swallow. Nope, I finally say. This is nothing like an apple.

Gluck is now a smother of salt and glop and I’m supposed to this is all genuine human stuff. I finish the apple. I toss it on the ground. I take one last look at Gluck and say it’s still not anything like an apple, but whatever it was tasted good and I’m leaving the core on the floor.

Another good one, I think and walk away.

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