No New Negotations

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Issue One, Poetry

I asked you to bring me chocolate chips

You brought me a river

Really, I said

It’s healthier, you replied

Slipping into the light as I drank the cool water


I shouldn’t ask you to bring me things


I’m trying on all these people I could become

Like someone who drinks rivers and doesn’t eat chocolate chips as if they are candy

They are a kind of candy, you said

No they aren’t, I said

Ok, you said, with that knowing look

I hate your knowing looks, I said

I know, you said, and left the room


I thumbed the coffee table dinosaur book


I was petulant, reluctant to be denied

I still want chocolate chips, I said

No, you said

Why, I said

Because we are out, you said

Oh, I said, and sipped again from the river,

Pale in my hand

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