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Kathy Fish: Writing with Utmost Urgency

November 9 – 11, 2018

What makes us have to tell the stories we don’t want to? Why do we select flash as the vehicle to use for this? What makes your flash uniquely your own? One of our most venerated teachers of flash, Kathy Fish, who teaches her Fast Flash workshops, will host this powerhouse course. It’s nearly full and you won’t want to miss out! Come prepared to write with a lack of sleep needed!

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Bud Smith: How to Use a Rocket Pack

December 7 – 9, 2018

How do we clear up time in the average day, and use that window of time to get out of our own way so we can generate flash fiction/ short stories/ poems/ pieces of a novel? How can we arrive at a mindset where no idea is a bad idea, is a silly idea, is a worthless idea? This course will offer practical thoughts about how to write freewheeling first drafts, and how to approach the rewrites of those drafts in a more sober mindset. Participants will leave the workshop with at least two new pieces of work created, with the option to send a third piece to Bud Smith for closer comments on whatever their project is.

Meg Tuite: Dive Into the Unknown

January 18 – 20, 2019

What scares us as humans? What makes us uncomfortable? This is a subject I study often, because it is in those places where we find the most treasures. And not just in our own unique experiences, but listening to what people say to one another and seeing an entirely different dialogue going on in their heads. Secrets are what manifest the different personas we put on to get through another day of work, or on a first date, buying a car, a computer, renting an apartment, or sitting next to someone on the metro. Let’s explore this in a safe, and intimate setting. Let’s dive into the unknown.

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