Moments of Reduction

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Fiction, Issue Twenty Seven

The moon longs for the tree. To be entangled in its sinuous outreaching limbs.

Like sleep twining night, labor pushing out cacophonous dreams populating,

virulating consciousness. Morning. Choose bra, the style mood of the day. Athletic

cotton bralette or cushioned mesh surprisingly elegant, cheap $30 SKU on sale for

$14.99, a one-off collaboration between avant-garde Japanese woman designer and

chain store. The ecstasy of unrequited love. Love is enough, writes PhD philosophy

candidate. Moon will have none of that. Moon sees tree reaching ecstacy. The tree

feels the moon but desire is an untranslated sine wave occasionally met in an

accidental balletic collision. I am the music. Perhaps conductor. Perhaps,

instrument. Reduced to audience. The dreamer who can only afford the $14.99

version of elegant mesh. Price less.

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