Louie Says

by | Jul 29, 2023 | And Now

1. Louie says dirt is a vegetable and that the government knows all about it.

2. Louie knows the phone book by heart and he’s suspicious why there are so few names that start with X.

3. Louie says every house has a buyer, but not every buyer has a house.

4. Louie says there are no accidents. He claims he said it before Freud.

5. Louie says that since dirt is needed to grow vegetables, it’s automatically part of that vegetable and that the government should just give up.

6. Louie says that yes there are listings for X-men and X-rays and all of that but it’s not like Smith and Brown and Jones.

7. Louie says that we should find other things to live in besides houses. Trees or the back rooms of nail salons.

8. Louie says that Freud was all ego and that he wouldn’t know a superego if it slapped him in the face. Anyway, Louie says, it’s the id that would slap him.

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