Ligatured Letter

by | Aimee Oct Day 2

OK, sorry I’ve packed several items up for today. It’s just that this has been a
stimulating workshop!

Here’s a visual tidbit I crafted. At first I thought it’d make a cool colophon, from
a rare book, that isn’t meant to be read. Could still work, I suppose –

Ligatured is kind of a menacing word. This is a letter that you wouldn’t want to be
deciphered –


  1. Aimee Parkison


    This image is gorgeous and captivating, yet certainly menacing and perfect for the title. I Iove the challenge of reading the sentences, how closely I needed to look, and yet I could never get close enough to read them all. It works because I felt the image drawing me in, trapping me. Very clever! There are some darkly wonderous lines twisting into each other, disappearing. Magical.

    This needs to be printed, framed, and hung above the desk of horror writers for inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing it!!!

    xoxo, Aimee

  2. Meg Tuite

    Hi Trent,
    Very cool image, collage! Don’t know what it references? A Hungarian film? But, I love the movement of it.

  3. David O'Connor

    So cool, I’d love to see a whole book streaming away like that or even a short film…

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