Let me know when you want me to bring the grapes out

by | Jun 24, 2023 | Writing the Weather

One day you say “no thank you” to Thanksgiving. I root them on and suggest others do the same. Stuffing is often overrated. My identity has been accosted by infant hormones. Also, dominions from outer planets. The clouds are not in my coffee, they are on Ebay for 15 bucks per cumulous (stratus are reasonable).

What do you think it’s like to suck out someone’s bone marrow?

I would totally fuck a Jonas Brother. Well one, perhaps.

Walked to the convenient store, for slurpies (you) and mangoes avocados. There was a limbo line and I saw Suzanne Summers in white hot pants and jacked up whosie-whats-it.

Has your neck ever become red and blotchy?

So I start to chew away at myself. Status update: Hanging out in my big pants, waiting for the next Modern Age.

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