Hello Bending Genres weekend workshop writers! My name is Robert Vaughan and I have delirium. Oops, I mean, I’m excited…over the next weekend I’ll be your coach, your guide through gibberish, catastrophes, foibles, tongue twisters and gazillions more. The sea and her Mariana trenches. Our mishaps, and possible swindlers. As we guffaw our way through your first draft(s)… please, let’s be kind. To yourself and to others. We can all really use more support, especially now, and today. Especially this week.

And so, I really admire and value risk, your own personal stretch, whatever it might be. Also mistakes, flaws, bruises, pain because I believe they all contain, at their core, a raw fragility, and vulnerability, and an openness that is somehow relative to the secrets that we keep, often even from ourselves.

“You can read about trees… and bees… and knees.
And knees on trees!
And bees on threes!” 
—Dr. Seuss

Yung Lean: Ginseng Strip 2002

This rapper was 16 at the time, the lyrics are controversial, and seminal, both. The offense was meant to shake things up, isn’t it always?

Here is Hanif Abdurraqib’s “All of the Ways I’ve Kept Myself Alive Today”

“I imagined a single bird for everyone I loved, carrying them perhaps to a new and cleaner place.”

What is a new cleaner place? A single bird… but which one?