Surreal Flip Books

Let’s begin with an animated music video for Portishead’s “The Rip” — a surreal flip book of sorts I frequently return to. It feels vintage and infinite and always surprises me. 

Or maybe this surrealist masterclass by Tierra Whack where she switches up the visuals and the sonics every 60 seconds. 

Or how about this hand-drawn work of art from Japanese animator Masanobu Hiraoka? That’s right. Entirely hand-drawn. Frame by frame. 

Prompt: Pick one of the surreal videos above or browse YouTube/TikTok/Instagram until you find a video that catches your eye and holds your attention. As these visuals play, freewrite for ten minutes. If the video is shorter than ten minutes, repeat the video until you reach ten minutes. If you’re having trouble focusing, feel free to put the video on mute and focus strictly on the visuals. After ten minutes, sift through the prose and see what you unearth.