1. Write a list story or poem where the title and the list work in tandem to convey a character and/or conflict. Tip: Note how the title is working in Thaddeus Gunn’s story (linked below) to orient the reader to the who/what/why as they enter the story as well as provide a context for us to understand the list of objects 

2. Write a poem or brief piece of prose narrated from the point of view of an observer.

3. Start with a title – e.g., “Women at 25,” “Boys at 12,” “Girls at 6,” “Men at 70” or some variation – and write a poem or piece of prose that conveys a clear sense of how it is at that age. Avoid the “I” and strive to straddle the universal/personal the way Donald Justice does.

4. Write a poem or piece of short prose in which character is defined by action. Let the actions trace the narrative arc, the rise and/or fall of the story a la “Fingers” and let the character change in some way, large or small.