Are none of these writing prompts working for you? You need more prompts? Say no more. 

  1. You dig up a hole in your backyard. What do you find? Get weird with it.
  2. You wake from a dream and your spleen begins to talk to you. What does it say? What do you name it? How do you tend to its needs?
  3. You’re forced to enter a low level talent show. Someone juggles their work boots. Someone else hums a lullaby. What is your low level talent? Who wins?
  4. You get hired at a new company and your first assignment is to name five candle scents that don’t yet exist. The weirder the better. Go.
  5. Write an abecedarian poem, where each line begins with a new letter of the alphabet, but instead of A-Z, do Z-A. 
  6. Pick up a book at random, or use one of the provided stories/poems above, and select a paragraph (or a single sentence if you’re feeling frisky). Then write that sentence in reverse onto a new page. Edit and trim (but not much) so that the reverse sentence makes structural sense. That’s the first line of your poem/story. Go from there. Once you’re done, delete that first line (or have it be the title, giving credit to the author you reversed).