Prompt 2

Write a letter to something you either crave or detest. Do you need carbs? Caffeine? Books that you know you’ll never read? Do you want to get rid of an old car you’ve had since college? Picking your nose? The neighbor’s dog?

Address this letter to your craving or what you detest.

For example, Dear Carbs, Iced Carmel Macchiato, My Nose Picking Habit, My Beloved 1971 Volkswagen.

Remember to be specific in your address and play with greetings to express how formal, informal, serious, or playful your letter might be. Also, be specific in what your narrator craves or detests. Carbs comprise a multitude of foods but Bread, Chips, Sweet Tea suggests that your narrator craves something specific.

Go a step further: Wonder Bread, Doritos, Pure leaf Extra Sweet Tea.

Notice what information we gain regarding the narrator’s likes or dislikes with the addition of concrete details. With Doritos, you might explore how they detest the powder cheese that remains on their fingers and how they can never be rid of the evidence. However, I encourage you to avoid products that have super long names such as a narrator’s full drink order at Starbucks.

Humanize what your narrator either craves or detests. Are they begging this item to come back? Is this a break-up letter? A letter that conveys the secrecy of their relationship? Consider the reasons why this message needs to be conveyed through a letter. What has your narrator done in the past to let their craving know they are obsessed with them? What have they done to try and stop themselves from keeping a bad habit or the object that brings them disgust?

And note why the humanized version of their craving or what they detest has failed to notice these signals.