Prompt 1

In 500 words or less.

Write either a letter of apology or complaint to either your imaginary friend, your character’s imaginary friend, or the imaginary friend of a relative.

If you decide to write a letter of apology, what is your narrator apologizing for? Are they really sorry or just going through the motions to get what they really want?

If writing a complaint letter, how serious is the issue? Will readers recognize the consequences if something isn’t done or is your narrator the only one that believes there is a problem?

In writing your letters, consider how your narrator will address the imaginary friend they are writing to. Will they be formal, casual, blunt? Afterall, My Dearest Friend, sounds a lot different than, To My Former Friend, or Mr. Crumple.

What does your narrator choose to reveal in their letter? What do they keep to themselves? Finally, what emotions are brought forth in writing this letter?

I leave you with these words of advice regarding writing epistolary fiction from Brevity author, David Galef:

Given the short space, have your letter […] focus on only one idea or event. Brevity and focus will build intensity.

Don’t neglect salutations and closings, as well as terms of address. “Dear, dear Bruce” is a world apart from “Bruce” with a colon afterward. “Love” is almost perfunctory, compared to “Love always.”