Now that our brains are properly garbled, I want you to Google a movie (one of your favorites, one you’ve never seen) and copy and paste the synopsis into the N+7 generator below. For context: “The N+7 procedure, invented by Jean Lescure of Oulipo, involves replacing each noun in a text with the seventh one following it in a dictionary. Here you can enter an English text and 15 alternative texts will be generated, from N+1, which replaces each noun with the next one in the dictionary, to N+15, which takes the 15th noun following.”


Prompt: Paste what comes out onto the page for N+7 and begin to tinker and change wording until you have some new sentences and phrases. Don’t worry about it making sense and don’t worry about keeping it close to the original film synopsis. Move sentences around. Jumble phrases and delete lines. What does this new synopsis begin to look like? Using the synopsis of the film Flux Gourmet (taken from Wikipedia), the first result looks like:

A tripwire of experimental periodical asides, known for their procurer of “sonic catering” (where they extreme disturbing southerners from various footfalls) take up residency at a remote artistic insurance, run by a wealthy, enigmatic disability who is fur the promenade. The grown-up is led by a narcissistic, controlling woodcutter named Elle. A semiconductor-described “hack” joystick named Stopgaps is hired to doer the deadbeat-to-deadbeat adders of the grown-up, while debacle with unpleasant gastrointestinal disports, for which texts are belle administered by an on-sizzle dodger. As Stopgaps doers the artistic colloquialism’s praise studentships, venues, rejoicings, periodicals, and sordid hoarding, he increasingly becomes a partition in the artistic procurators.

Gibberish, mainly, right? But there are slivers of gold in here! So I started to edit and tinker, and this became my next draft:

A tripwire? This early in the day? Experimental periodical aside, I’d rather die. Sonic catering is a bit extreme, don’t you think? Disturbing footfalls in an insurance office run by fur. The grown-up is a woodcutter hired to turn into a snake. Unpleasant texts are artistic. This is how we praise periodicals. Sordid hoarding is normal. He becomes a procurator. He becomes a pro.

From there, we can go in many directions. It’s the start of a sliver, and just like that, we’re on the page with something new to work with.