Mythical Funny

We touched on horror writing and sci-fi writing in Day Two (See Body Horror and Dialogue), but what about fantasy?

Incorporating mythological characters and scenarios has long been the purview of writers in many forms, and when we consider comedy value, there is no end to the funny in these tragic monoliths.

Gwen Kirby does this perfectly (and perfectly funnily) in her flash piece, Shit Cassandra Saw That She Didin’t Tell the Trojans Because at that Point Fuck Them Anyway:




Claymation. The moon made out of cheese.

Tap dancing.


Twizzlers. Mountain Dew. Jello. Colors she can eat with her eyes.


Bud Lite.”

Not only does this piece have one of the funniest titles in fiction, the story blends the modern day with the myth so successfully. Again, the “surprise” element needed for comedy is perfectly positioned when you mix the old and the new.

💡Mythical PROMPT💡

Rehash a famous myth, fable, or fairytale. You could set it in the present day or rework the story within its original time and setting. Check out a revisioning of Little Miss Muffet in my story at X-R-R-A-Y Magazine, The Fuck’s a Tuffet?